A Mind Map for Business

Bizgenics maps innovation topics by dimensions of Leadership, Concept and Process. This 3D architectural approach organizes business development themes to deliver an innovation standard that makes business strategy visible, facilitates real-time idea capture and provides both sequential and non-sequential development pathways.

Bizgenics also serves as a neural network for digital business tools that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. For more, see Innovation Framework »

Bizgenics Innovation Framework 3D Image


BizzyB Youth Entrepreneurship App | Bizgenics Innovation Framework
BizzyB is a project-based learning platform for students grades 8-12.

MIT LaunchX Innovation Platform
LaunchX is a startup platform for MIT’s high school innovation program.

BizGym Entrepreneur's App Powered by Bizgenics Theory | Bizgenics Business Genome
BizGym is an innovation platform for entrepreneurs to craft business plans and financial forecasts.